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Last Update: 07/20/2005

Akita Untitled $200.00 SOLD

Bedlington & Turtle Orig. 
Bedlington "Let's Party" $200.00

Boxer "Trail Blazer" $200.00

Cav. King Chas. Spaniel Untitled $200.00

Collie "It Takes All Colors" $200.00 SOLD

German Shepherd Awaiting the Master $400.00

German Shepherd "On the Job" $400.00

German Shepherd "Devoted Protector" $400.00

Great Dane "Grand Designs" $200.00

Labrador Retriever "Compatible Pair" $200.00

Old English Sheepdog "Supervised Play" $200.00 SOLD

Saint Bernard "Powerful Servant" $200.00

Shetland Sheepdog "Pretty Please" $200.00

Tibetan Terrier "The Legend" $1200.00


Originals are shipped in a working mat. If you don't like the matting, just take the work to a local framer and choose something more to your satisfaction. Sorry, we don't do matting or framing.

We also accept money orders & cashier's checks: send money order or cashiers check (be sure to include the shipping and insurance charge) to Mythling Studio, P.O. Box 611, Hyndman, PA 15545. Make checks payable to: Paula Zan. Be sure to indicate the # listed with image, if no # listed, use title and describe image.

Shipping and insurance: ADD $12.00 per Original. If ordering one of the GSD prints add $3.00 for 1-3 prints, and $5.50 for 4-6 prints for shipping.

Be sure to email us at to let us know your money is on the way, because these are originals, there is only one of each pictured on this site, we want to make sure that first come is first served. Thank You!

Paula Zan does a limited number of commissions annually. She works in most media. If you are interested in having a commission work done, email us to request a commission price list.


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