Mythling Studio's Stained Glass Windows


    "Day Lillies" -- SOLD--

"Spring Garden" Installed 
in an exterior door. ---SOLD--
"American Pride"-$500.00
17" x 20"-Am. Saddlebred
In stock & ready to ship.
    Tennesse Walking Horse
    16" dia. $300.00. In stock &
    ready to ship.
"Starlight Dancer" Standard
Octagon- ---SOLD---
Custom Work for a Vet's Office.----SOLD------

"Synergy" ---Pointers----SOLD

"Jouir de Vie"-Scarlet Macaw
21" x 27"---$850.00. In stock & 
ready to ship.
"Iris" Panel for kitchen cabinet
intallation. -----SOLD----
    "Arab Legacy" Arabian
    12-1/4" x 22-1/4"- $277.00
    In stock & ready to ship.
9" x 12"-$65.00
"Desert Sovereign"-Arabian
20-1/4" x 20-1/4"--$500.00.
In stock & ready to ship.
"Sun Dragon"--20" dia. --SOLD--
"Bird of Prey"-16-1/8" x 23-7/8"-$410.00. In stock &
ready to ship.
    Panel w/ bevels, for kitchen
    cabinet installation. ---SOLD--

Custom 4 panel work for hunting cabin. Installed.
"Elegance in Black"----SOLD-----

Shipping charges are not included in the above prices.

If interested in any of the above windows contact: Paula Zan

We design all our own patterns for our works in stained glass. We can design for you, our design fee is $45.00 per hour. Any of the above items that have been marked SOLD can be remade. If you are interested email us for pricing and size information.

Our 2014 prices for new or custom works is $2.50 per square inch, plus a design fee of $45.00 per hour plus cost of materials. Minimum fee for new window designs is $150.00.

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